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The Best Portable Smart Phone Charger

June 16, 2016

The Best Portable Smart Phone Charger

Portable smart phone power bank battery charger are everywhere these days.  There are a plethora of choices but how does one chose the best one?

When we came up with the design for bKey we knew we wanted a product that was ultra portable and able to fit on a keychain.  We also wanted something that had a fun, playful design and most importantly was ALWAYS with us.  The other problem we wanted to solve was the fact that charging cables are annoying and can get tangled easily.  We knew that incorporating the cable and battery into one small, portable phone charger, was the way to go.


Founded in 2012, in Montreal, Quebec by Rob Gold and Shaun Teblum, bKey’s mission was to innovate the smartphone battery market by focusing on a new way to approach design of this product category. The pair of entrepreneurs were frustrated by the current product offerings already on the market and so over dinner in 2012, Gold and Teblum sketched a drawing on a napkin and in true cliché entrepreneurial fashion, they conceived the original blueprint for the first iteration of bKey. After nearly two full years of proto-typing and refining the design, the company launched bKey to the world.

What makes bKey different? No cables, no cry   

No bigger than a car key and designed to look like one, this handy device attaches to your keychain, so you’ll never leave home without it. Smartphone battery cases are bulky and can block the earphone jack. Backup power bank battery chargers are too big for your pocket and require a cable to make them work. bKey easily fits in your pocket or bag and has everything built-in to charge it and use it, so you never have to remember to bring a charging cable with you again.

Size matters most

bKey took over 2 years to develop because the co-founders wanted to get the design just right. After doing extensive market research, they found that the overwhelming majority of people preferred a cable-free battery that was small and compact over the larger traditional power bank batteries that required a cable. The majority of use-cases that were studied, found most people only really needed a boost from one fixed location to another, like an end-of-day commute or as an emergency backup to make a few phone calls or send a few messages. bKey's ingenuity and innovation lies in its simple and sleek design. Convenience, portability and ease-of-use were paramount to their design philosophy.

Awards & Accolades

bKey has won a number of awards and distinctions including being selected by the Chicago Tribune as one of this year’s top ten back-to-school gadgets of 2015, and the two co-founders & designers won the “C2 Commerce & Creativity: Emerging Entrepreneurs” award. bKey has been featured on major tech blog sites such as Gizmodo, SlashGear, Geek and Cult of Mac as well as major magazine sites like GQ and Paste.