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bKey battery lives on your keyring for emergency smartphone charging - Geek

July 04, 2016

Go on, cut the cord with bKey portable phone charger

How many times have you been out somewhere with a dead or dying phone? It happened to us over and over again and the current solutions on the market weren't good enough.  They were either bulky phone battery cases or power banks that were huge bricks that I never actually had with me when I needed them.  We knew there had to be a better way to keep our phone's charged or have a backup phone battery that was always with us and was cable-free.  bKey is the solution to the problem by miniaturizing the form-factor and including all the adapters needed to charge and use it built-in.  It's the most portable travel iPhone battery charger power bank on the market today.

Here's what our friends at Geek had to say about bKey portable iPhone charger powerbank: 

"The most important moments in the life of your smartphone are those minutes right before it runs out of juice. You send those last-second messages to your friends to let them know you are off the grid for a little while, and you venture out into the world without your digital tether until you find an appropriate charging area.

The guys at bKey have a cool keyring battery that isn’t likely to save you from completely draining your phone, but it could give you a few more minutes of hope in an emergency.

Battery extending devices are either huge bricks with enough power to drive your phone for days, or small and highly portable. Walking around with a huge battery in your pocket is uncomfortable even in the loosest of cargo pants, but the smaller battery packs just don’t have the juice needed to power a truly debilitating smartphone addiction. The bKey opts for a slim profile over battery capacity, but it’s designed to be stored so it is always with you."

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