bKey backup battery may have unlocked the secret to convenient, on-the - bKey - Battery life is key

bKey backup battery may have unlocked the secret to convenient, on-the-go charging - Everyday Carry

June 27, 2016

Travel light with bKey portable battery charger for iPhone & Android on your keychain

We all have so much to worry about on a day-to-day basis.  It seems that charging our iPhone or Android battery is always at the front of our minds. The problem we found, was that other power bank phone battery chargers weren't actually there for us when we needed them.  


That's why we created bKey, the most compact, small portable power bank for iPhone and Android devices alike.  We made sure it was small enough to fit on a key-chain, perfectly portable and ideal for travelling or everyday use.  We knew since one needs their keys, putting a power bank phone charger on them made a whole lot of sense.  If you don't forget your keys, you won't forget your bKey battery charger either!



What makes it different from all the others? That's easy, no other battery chargers for iPhone or Android are made specifically to be small and portable.  They focus on battery size.  But what we need is not more battery, it's extra battery that's ALWAYS with us. What good is the power bank that can recharge your phone 8 times, if you never have it with you? That's the problem we aim to solve and we hope you agree, bKey power bank hits the mark!

A big thank you to Everyday Carry for their amazing article on bKey and for the superb quote!