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Go on, cut the cord with bKey portable phone charger

How many times have you been out somewhere with a dead or dying phone? It happened to us over and over again and the current solutions on the market weren't good enough.  They were either bulky phone battery cases or power banks that were huge bricks that I never actually had with me when I needed them.  We knew there had to be a better way to keep our phone's charged or have a backup phone battery that was always with us and was cable-free.  bKey is the solution to the problem by miniaturizing the form-factor and including all the adapters needed to charge and use it built-in.  It's the most portable travel iPhone battery charger power bank on the market today.

Here's what our friends at Geek had to say about bKey portable iPhone charger powerbank: 

"The most important moments in the life of your smartphone are those minutes right before it runs out of juice. You send those last-second messages to your friends to let them know you are off the grid for a little while, and you venture out into the world without your digital tether until you find an appropriate charging area.

The guys at bKey have a cool keyring battery that isn’t likely to save you from completely draining your phone, but it could give you a few more minutes of hope in an emergency.

Battery extending devices are either huge bricks with enough power to drive your phone for days, or small and highly portable. Walking around with a huge battery in your pocket is uncomfortable even in the loosest of cargo pants, but the smaller battery packs just don’t have the juice needed to power a truly debilitating smartphone addiction. The bKey opts for a slim profile over battery capacity, but it’s designed to be stored so it is always with you."

Credit Geek

"bKey: a backup smartphone battery the size of a car key" credit Slashgear

bKey is the most compact, cable-free emergency smart phone battery. It’s shaped like a key and designed to t on your keychain, making it nearly impossible to forget. Since all the adapters to charge your iPhone or Android are built in, there is no need to ever remember to bring a charging cable with you again. bKey is a power bank and battery charger available in two versions compatible with iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6Plus/6S/6S Plus (Lightning) or Micro-USB Android (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.), Blackberry and Windows devices.

The Problem it Solves: Smartphones today require constant recharging and oftentimes, it is not convenient for us to be in a fixed location long enough to charge them. The current solutions to this problem are either bulky & expensive battery cases or external power banks that are too big to keep in a pocket, require a cable to make them work, are ugly and are easy for the user to forget upon leaving their house.

Portable iPhone battery charger and powerbank

We designed bKey portable iPhone battery charger and power bank with ultra-portability in mind. It’s the size of a car key and cable-free and since it goes on your keychain, you’ll never leave home without it. bKey doesn’t aim to replace the other bigger battery packs and battery cases. They have their place for travelling and so on, but what we found was that people’s phones typically die at the end of the day during a commute to or from work or school, and so they really only needed an emergency charge to get them from point A to point B. bKey provides about 45 minutes of additional talk, text and surf time to get people to their next charge. Our favourite analogy is to say that when you get a at tire, you have a spare in your trunk to get you to the gas station. bKey is the spare tire for your smartphone.




The bKey is an external iPhone battery small enough to fit on your keychain - Cult of mac

We've all been there before.  Out for the evening, taking photos, looking up the score of the game, checking Facebook and then it's time to call an uber home. It's at that point you realize that your iPhone battery is about to die and you don't have enough battery to make it home.

That's the moment you realize you are a genius and bought bKey iPhone battery charger and power bank for this exact situation.  Plug it in, call your uber and get home safe and sound.   


bKey battery charger power bank for iPhone


This is the exact use-case we envisioned when we made bKey.  We knew there were a lot of people that just needed an extra boost of battery to charge their iPhone and eliminate the need for a bulky external power bank battery.

Here's what Cult of mac had to say about us:

"These days, most of us have no shortage of extra batteries that can juice up our iPhones and iPads in a pinch. The problem is that none of them are there when you actually need them: you’ve forgotten them at home, or they’re in that other bag.

The bKey is a new Kickstarter project that aims to make that problem a thing of the past by shrinking down an external battery to the size of a key. And if you’ve got a battery on your keychain, you’ll never be without a charge."

We're grateful to have been featured and we can't wait to get our portable travel powerbank and battery charger for iPhone onto everyone's keychains and into everyone's pockets!

Travel light with bKey portable battery charger for iPhone & Android on your keychain

We all have so much to worry about on a day-to-day basis.  It seems that charging our iPhone or Android battery is always at the front of our minds. The problem we found, was that other power bank phone battery chargers weren't actually there for us when we needed them.  


That's why we created bKey, the most compact, small portable power bank for iPhone and Android devices alike.  We made sure it was small enough to fit on a key-chain, perfectly portable and ideal for travelling or everyday use.  We knew since one needs their keys, putting a power bank phone charger on them made a whole lot of sense.  If you don't forget your keys, you won't forget your bKey battery charger either!



What makes it different from all the others? That's easy, no other battery chargers for iPhone or Android are made specifically to be small and portable.  They focus on battery size.  But what we need is not more battery, it's extra battery that's ALWAYS with us. What good is the power bank that can recharge your phone 8 times, if you never have it with you? That's the problem we aim to solve and we hope you agree, bKey power bank hits the mark!

A big thank you to Everyday Carry for their amazing article on bKey and for the superb quote!



Gizmodo says bKey portable iPhone charger is "so small you could easily carry 20 of them around with you at all times."

credit Gizmodo

bKey is a portable iPhone battery charger and power bank that's incredibly small and compact. So small in fact it can easily fit on your keychain and charge your iPhone or Samsung phone battery without the need to bring a cable. bKey is the smallest cable-free, wireless external phone battery on the market. 

Here's what they said about us:

"The tiny bKey portable backup battery only manages to store a 230mAh capacity, but that's OK as it's so small you could easily carry 20 of them around with you at all times.

Although, of course, the idea is you have one, on your keyring, hopefully fully charged, ready for those troubling modern moments when you realise your phone's dead and your charger is too far away and there's therefore nothing to look at and do.

Remembering you have an emergency 230mAh of energy on your keyring would then trigger some serious joyful air-punching. You don't have to be left alone with your thoughts!"

Credit Gizmodo 

bKey chosen as the best iPhone charger power bank battery pack

People have been selecting bKey as the best travel and ultra portable phone charger, battery and power bank for iPhone and Android devices like Samsung Galaxy phone for over 2 years! We are so grateful and happy to keep people juiced!

bKey is revolutionizing the concept of mobile power. Our products aim to keep your phone and smart devices charged at all times so you don't have to limit your lifestyle. Their product is the size and shape of a key, fits on your keychain, and charges your phone enough for at least 45 minutes of extra battery time. It's a lifesaver, and it may just be the future of mobile charging.

We've been selected by the Chicago Tribune as a Top Ten Back-To-School Gadget as well as chosen by amazing folks at the design mag Dwell as one of their favorite products of the year:

 credit: Dwell Magazine 2015 credit: Dwell Magazine 2015


We just want to thank our amazing community for all the support and we will continue to innovate the power bank backup battery and phone charger market for years to come. 


The Best Portable Smart Phone Charger

Portable smart phone power bank battery charger are everywhere these days.  There are a plethora of choices but how does one chose the best one?

When we came up with the design for bKey we knew we wanted a product that was ultra portable and able to fit on a keychain.  We also wanted something that had a fun, playful design and most importantly was ALWAYS with us.  The other problem we wanted to solve was the fact that charging cables are annoying and can get tangled easily.  We knew that incorporating the cable and battery into one small, portable phone charger, was the way to go.


Founded in 2012, in Montreal, Quebec by Rob Gold and Shaun Teblum, bKey’s mission was to innovate the smartphone battery market by focusing on a new way to approach design of this product category. The pair of entrepreneurs were frustrated by the current product offerings already on the market and so over dinner in 2012, Gold and Teblum sketched a drawing on a napkin and in true cliché entrepreneurial fashion, they conceived the original blueprint for the first iteration of bKey. After nearly two full years of proto-typing and refining the design, the company launched bKey to the world.

What makes bKey different? No cables, no cry   

No bigger than a car key and designed to look like one, this handy device attaches to your keychain, so you’ll never leave home without it. Smartphone battery cases are bulky and can block the earphone jack. Backup power bank battery chargers are too big for your pocket and require a cable to make them work. bKey easily fits in your pocket or bag and has everything built-in to charge it and use it, so you never have to remember to bring a charging cable with you again.

Size matters most

bKey took over 2 years to develop because the co-founders wanted to get the design just right. After doing extensive market research, they found that the overwhelming majority of people preferred a cable-free battery that was small and compact over the larger traditional power bank batteries that required a cable. The majority of use-cases that were studied, found most people only really needed a boost from one fixed location to another, like an end-of-day commute or as an emergency backup to make a few phone calls or send a few messages. bKey's ingenuity and innovation lies in its simple and sleek design. Convenience, portability and ease-of-use were paramount to their design philosophy.

Awards & Accolades

bKey has won a number of awards and distinctions including being selected by the Chicago Tribune as one of this year’s top ten back-to-school gadgets of 2015, and the two co-founders & designers won the “C2 Commerce & Creativity: Emerging Entrepreneurs” award. bKey has been featured on major tech blog sites such as Gizmodo, SlashGear, Geek and Cult of Mac as well as major magazine sites like GQ and Paste.